Sunday, March 30, 2008

Waiting, Waiting and yup you guessed it MORE Waiting!!

So i once heard that exchange is 95% waiting and I 10000% agree with that..

It seems like its all us exchangers do. We wait for the application to arrive at our house so we can fill it out. We wait for all the parts of the app to come together. We wait for our app to be accepted by AFS USA. We wait for it to be sent to our chosen country.. We wait the LONGEST estimated 4-6 (totally off by the way) weeks of our life to be accepted to our country! then the excruciating wait for a host family that could be from the day you get accepted to 2 weeks before you leave for your country!!!! Once you find your host family you wait for your departure date.. The waiting process is longer then the actual exchange but it is TOTALLY worth it because I , yes me, me Kendra, will be in Italy for 10 whole months!!

So I guess I'm here to update you a little bit (yes i know its been basically forever since Ive been on here and I'm sorry that i have taken SOOO unbelievably long) on my life. Well to be honest its been pretty boring. Since i last updated way back in December (wow has it really been that long! jeez i need to get on here more) I ha vent really heard from AFS much. The 4 month mark of me being accepted passed on Monday which means i SHOULD have my host family.

So apparently Italy is very slow when it comes to getting host families!! Great country (so i hear and desperately hope) just a tad bit slow on the biggest most important decision of my LIFE at the moment! My admissions advisor, Connie, emailed Italy about a week ago and has informed me that if she doesn't get an email back TODAY that she is going to call and find out! I'm gonna call her when I'm done with the post (so hopefully i have a GREAT post to put right after this one).

In other news: (AFS related of course) I have found out that my Pre Departure Orientation is on May 10th. A Pre Departure Orientation (PDO) is where all of the "traveling" students will get togheter and get to ask all of our (hundreds of thousands) of questions that I know we all have. Our parents will go to a separate meeting and get all of there questions answered as well. We will also get too meet students that are being hosted in our area (hopefully there will be an Italian one EEK) so basically I'm VERY excited to get to go because i will be in a room full of kids just as obsessed with AFS as i am ("Hello my name is Kendra and I'm addicted to traveling abroad to Italy" the first step is admitting it) and we can talk and talk and talk about it all we want and NO ONE will get annoyed like now... so basically I'm super excited for this.

Right now i am trying my hardest to learn as much Italian as best as i can. I have found that Italian has alot of "o" 's in it (ie.... Io non sono un uomo. Io sono una donna....I am not a man. I am a woman) yes lots of "o" 's haha.. little fun fact of the day about Italian. I am IN LOVE with this language i really am!! it is so beautiful and amazing and just ahhh im in love <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_66">EWW right, this summer. I have to take Lit Comp in Films which is from 8 am to 1 pm every day for 3 weeks and I have to take Gym from 8 am to 12 pm every day for 3 weeks. Yes admittedly it will suck but it will make Sr year just a tad easier so I'm all for it. I have also found out that my counselor who has done EVERYTHING for me for exchange and whom i LOVE is going to another district next year so i have to change counselors after she has helped me for over a year on this.. I'm very bummed :( but it will all work out ok. Change is for the better (*gulp* i hope)

Well hopefully i will be posting in about 10 minutes if not (i will be sad) i will ether post after i get my host family or after my PDO which ever comes first..


(this has the wrong date at the top, haha, its really April 24th 2008)

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Kayla said...

I hate waiting, it stinks alot.

I am glad that you finally updated your blog!!!

I hope that your aa gets back to you tomorrow