Saturday, June 7, 2008

Still Waiting

Ciao a tutti! Il mio nome è Kendra Wagner e sarò residenti in Italia per 10 mesi !!

Hi everyone! My name is Kendra Wagner and i will be living in Italy for 10 months!!

OMG so i made a sentence in Italian YAY!!! im very proud of my self right now you guys have no idea like wow i feel accomplished lol!! I never thought i would get so unbelievably excited for being able to wright one sentence its mildly amusing lol.

Well basically there is really no big news to tell you just a few small AFS and AFSish related things that has hap pend in the last few months of my life since i last updated my blog.

So i come home from school and my mom tells me i have this huge packet from AFS. The first thing that came to my mind was "OMG i have a host family" but i didn't and i was disappointed for about a nano second because i then opened up the packet and it was my travel itinerary for when i will be leaving for Italy. I literally sat down right there and read the whole packet cover to cover and had the hugest smile on my face the whole time. So here is the plan:

2 o'clock PM on the 3rd of September arrive in NYC for orientation
6 o'clock PM on the 4th of September leave NYC for ZURICH SWITZERLAND
8:20 AM on the 5th of September land in Zurich
12:30 PM on the 5th of September leave Zurich for ROME ITALY
2:30 PM on the 5th of September LAND IN ROME ITALY

So that is my travel plans for a full 20 hours yes 20 hours of nonstop traveling we are all going to be walking zombies lol. I am so excited for the plane ride!! there are going to be 70 exchangers all going to Italy on ONE plane that's an overnight flight.... Do you really think that 70 15-18 year old kids that are leaving there parents for a year to live in ITALY are going to sleep at all? because I'm thinking that that is probably a no.

Because of the date of our departure I have also found out that I will be able to go to the first day of school and "shadow" my friend Emma. This will give me one last chance to say goodbye to everyone that I'm not going to see for a year or possibly longer. To say goodbye to all of my teachers that i will not see for a year (some of that doesn't bother me one bit lol) Just say good bye one last time before i leave THE NEXT MORNING!!!

We have also gotten our Visa "packets" these "packets" are really only 2 pages of application then like 10 million documents that you need in triplicate that need to be attached. so it looks very easy when you first start to look at it but once you start reading all the different documents that are required your like "oh god" i have sooo much work to do to get this done before its to late EEK!!! I have also found out that I cannot apply for my visa until i have a host family and a host school. Unfortunately i do not have either of those things yet and i am very impatiently waiting for both of them. It has been a little over 6 months that I have officially been accepted in to the Italian AFS program but alas still no family. I'm trying to be patient i really am. It's just not working so well lol.

So we have started to "plan" (which means kind of talk about lol) my goodbye party. I'm beginning to realize how hard this whole "leaving" thing is going to be. I am going to have to say goodbye to every one i know knowing i am not going to see them for 10 whole months and possibly longer and possibly never again. The party should be fun but i don't really know when or where its going to be yet but yea just were kind of "planning" it at this point.


Ciao a tutti! Hanno una sorprendente giorno!! Spero che nel mese di ritornare a molto presto con qualche famiglia news!!

Amore - Kendra

Bye everyone! Have an amazing day!! I hope I'm back on very soon with some family news!!

Love - Kendra (had some help from google translate on this one lol)

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