Wednesday, July 16, 2008



That is basically my only thought process at this point!!!!

So as every one that knows me and everyone that reads this blog knows i have been not so patiently waiting for a host family. I was beginning to think that it was never going to come and that i was unloved and unwanted because host family's pick you and i hadn't been picked yet. I bugged my admissions advisor like once a week seeing if she got me a family and every single time she would say "It dosn't look like you have been placed yet but I know that it will be soon!! just keep waiting and it will come" I was soo tired of hearing that that i sometimes even avoided calling her because not knowing was just a little bit better then hearing that for the 10000th time.,but alas i have been chosen by an AMAZING family who i adore sooo much :D:D:D!!!! So the wait was TOTALLY worth it!!!!!!!

So for my host family I will be living in Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy. For those of you who dont konw where Sardinia is it is the northern island that is in the Medeteranian sea. Carbonia is on the FAR west side of Sardina and my house is 10 mintues from the SEA :D. the town looks absolutly gorgous!!! I can not wait to actually be there!!! Here is a quick run-down of my new italian family :D

Mamma - Maria Antonietta
Papa - Antonio
Sorella (sister) - Eleonora - 16
Fratello (brother) - Claudio - 19

SO after I found out that i had a host family the next part comes : OH GOD how on earth do i contact them? because in the beginning i had no idea if they spoke any English or basically anything about them so i was SUPER nervous. AFS gave me an email address so i sat down and started wrighting my papa an email. this is what i had:

Ciao famiglia

Come state? Sto molto bouna!!! Mi chiamo Kendra Wagner, io sono di Monroe, Wisconsin, USA. Io ho sedici anni. Io sono un po vecchio di tua figlia, Eleonora.
Non so parlare italiano molto bene. Sto cercando di imparare l'italiano
sono cosi felici!!! Io sono molto felice per vedere presto!!!
Carbonia รจ Bella!!!!

Now in english

Hellow Family

How are you? I am VERY good!!! My name is Kendra Wagner, I am from Monroe, Wisconsin, USA. I have 16 years. I am a little older then your child Eleonora.
I don't speak Italian very well. I am trying to learn
I'm very happy. very happy to see you soon!!!
Carbonia is beautiful

So that was my first attempt at written Italian.. i have no idea how i did but apparently my family understood it because they sent back the sweetest email the very next day!! Today i even got to talk to my sister and brother by MSN which was VERY VERY fun. I was soooo nervous to say hi to them because they are my new family and i didn't want them to think i was crazy or ant thing like that.


I could not be happier right now!!!


lilREDshoes said...


This is Lisa (from Wisconsin as well)and I hope to go to Australia. I'd like to know what I should do before sending in my complete packet in order to ensure better chances of being accepted. It would be so awesome if you would take some time to answer a few questions for me.

(by the way...nice hat GO PACKERS!)

jenniferafs said...

Hi Kendra,
I will be the chaperone on your super long flight to Italy! I'm a long-time AFS volunteer and a returnee from year program to Japan 1986. I'm excited to be going with you and helping you to begin your adventure. Here we go!!

jody said...

yay i am still excited for you.
even half a month later :)

kendrasitalianlife said...

Hey Lisa,

If you would like to email me ii would love to awnser any questions that you might have.. my emial is so yes i would love to awnser your questions.. and hate to say it but to you im a traitor.. im a giants fan so hahaha

Phoebe said...

Kendra!!! I'm so excited for you! You are going to have the best time in Sardinia! I looked at the pictures they sent you, and you are right! They are absolutely STUNNING! and you get to spend a whole YEAR there!! wow. don't forget about us boring midwesterners while you're gone!