Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party and Exchange students

Yes I am updating again lol, October has been a very event filled month.

So me and my sister decided about 2 weeks ago that we were going to have a Halloween party. about a week before the party, so a week before Halloween, we started cooking all these different cookies and cupcakes and figuring out how we were going to decorate the house and everything. Which was a lot of fun but also a lot of work for food we had: Ghost, pumpkin, bat, mummy and headstone shaped cookies, a grave yard themed pizza, Halloween shaped sandwiches, Halloween colored cupcakes, a gelatin face with the brain coming out, and little hot dog mummies. (for pictures check out my picture web sight) We also decorated the house with ghosts, fake dust, paper cutouts in different shapes, and a headless woman (again for pictures check out the picture web sight).

Ele invited all of her friends and I invited all of the AFS kids but only Lilla, Hendrikje, and Yue were able to come but we had soooo much fun. The party was a lot of fun because there was a lot of great food and there was music. We brought the sound system from Sant'Antioco back up to Carbonia so that we could all sing along to songs at the party. Singing along to the sound system was a lot of fun because we all sang at one time so that no one sounded horrible. Then we all danced around to the bad euro-pop music that is so popular here right now and just over all the party was a lot of fun. The food was amazing and the people here were amazing. but what made my party so good was the exchange students that were there.

If I do say so my self, not that I'm biased or anything, exchange students are the best people on this planet!! It was so nice to be able to talk to Lilla, Hendrikje, and Yue about everything that has happened in these last 2 months, OMG can you believe it??? its been 2 months already!!!, well I most certainly cant believe that it has been 2 months already. well for most of the party we all hung out in the kitchen or in my room because well it helps to talk to exchange students. we all know what the other one is going through and you don't feel guilty complaining to other students as you do when you complain to an intercultural volunteer. its just really nice to be able to talk about family, feelings, things that are different with someone that actually understands what you are talking about. No one but an exchange student can actually understand what they are going through. While the adults in the program can say they do but really they don't, its only the kids that went on exchange can relate. its such a crazy insane life choice that we all made and such a unique experience that we are all having it is something that only we can understand. Well we all talked for a couple of hours about everything that's happened in the last 2 months and i have to say it makes you feel really good to get everything of your chest and to have the other person understand what your complaining about or why your sad. So honestly this has been one of the best time that I've had in Italy. Just being with other exchange students automatically means a good time. Because we are just the funnest people. We all know what we are all feeling. just seriously i love hanging out with the other exchange students. we made plans to meet and everything because now that the lessons are over we don't have to see each other 3 times a week like we did when we had the lessons for italian in cagliari (IM SOO HAPPY THEY'RE OVER) but we all still want to get together because we do want to stay close and its nice to just sit and talk to the other kids for a while. So we made plans to meet in Cagliari and do things like shop and get pizza.

I already know that I'm going to be VERY VERY VERY sad to leave all of these kids that i have become soo close to in just 2 months. Even in Sassari when we were together for just 4 days it was sooo hard to leave and I''ve gotten so close to the kids in my chapter that I'm starting to realize that maybe these are the friends that its going to hurt to leave the most. and i know that i have 8 more months but you can't help but think "after these 8 months am I ever going to see these people again?" I mean I now have friends from all over the globe: Hungary, France, China, Japan, Chile, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Paraguay and sooo many more. Am I ever going to get to see these amazing friends that I have made again? Its going to be soo hard to leave them because its so easy to make friends with an exchange student. Exchange students are soo open and soo accepting to just about everything. And because we are all living the same crazy life for one year we all become friends sooo quickly. Even Just today when Lilla, Hendrikje, and Yue were going home i didn't want them to leave because we are so close, its just really sad to say good bye even when you know your going to see them again, I don't even want to think about how its going to be in July when we're all in Roma and slowly one group at a time leaves for the airport to fly home and you have to say goodbye to all of the amazing friends that you have made this year. I honestly think that saying good bye to all of the people here and leaving Italy is going to be harder then saying good bye and leaving the USA was because when i left the USA i knew that i would see all of these people again 10 months and that no matter how much i missed them that i would get to see them again just 10 short (and i mean very short, time flies when your on exchange) months later. But when I leave the other exchange students come July in Roma I wont know when or if i ever will see these kids again. it is going to be very sad and very hard, but I wouldn't take back being friends these people even with the painful goodbye because they are some of the best friends that I've had and i know that some of them could even last my whole life.

Over all my Halloween part was alot of fun because i got to hang out with exchange students.

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Lisa said...

Great idea to share your culture with the Halloween party! I totally understand your bond with the exchange students. I hope you can feel that close to your Italian friends and family when you leave. The whole thing about entering a culture and learning a language is frustrating and exhausting. Your exchange friends can help with that. I just hope they don't get in the way of your making Italian friends. As the "adult" AFS person, I caution you to limit your time with the exchange students. It should never get in the way of your time with Italian friends and family. Thank you for these GREAT posts! Profe