Saturday, November 22, 2008

ho cambiato mia orario ancora (i have changed my schedule again)

So as you all know from 2 posts back I had changed my schedule to better fit my needs and understanding level but after having this schedule for about 2 weeks i found out that I wasn't totally happy with my schedule so I have decided to change it once again. I have decided that I wanted to take more Spanish (with the first year so it doesn't clash with my math and physics) and a little less French and Italian so that I wont totally lose all of my Spanish while I'm here in Italy. I have made a few changes so that I can have 3 more Spanish classes and 2 less french classes and 1 less Italian classes. I am very happy with this schedule.

Lunadi (Monday)
1) Italiano 1C
2) French 1C
3) French 4C
4) Italiano 4C
5) English 4C
6) Gym 4C

Martedi (tuesday)
1) Science 4C
2) Italiano 2D
3) Spagnolo 3C
4) French 3C
5) French 2D
6) Math 4C

Mercoledi (Wednesday)
1) Spanish 3C
2) Spanish 3C
3) French 1C
4) Gym 4C
5) Science 4C
6) Science 4C

Giovedi (Thursday)
1) Italiano 1C
2) Italiano 1C
3) Italiano 2D
4) Math 4C
5) English 4C
6) Religion 4C

Venerdi (Friday)
1) French 4C
2) Italiano 4C
3) Spanish 3C
4) Science 4C
5) French 1C

Sabato (Friday)
1) French 1C
2) French 2D
3) English 4C
4) Italiano 1C
5) Math 4C

Well I should give you a couple updates quickly. I have bought some books for school now. I have a Spanish book and a French book so it makes it easier to keep up with the classes so that helps. My Spanish teacher took the time to catch me up on what they have learned because I have forgotten all of my Spanish the 3 months that I've been here. Plus because Italian and Spanish are sooo close they learn more in 3 months then I did in basically 2 years. So I think even though I'm in the first year ill come back knowing more then the last year does when I return to the USA. I'm excited to have my Spanish class because I'll come back with a little more of another language. YAY.

My birthday party starts in about 2 hours and I'm super excited!!! 4 AFS girls are spending the night tonight and 2 others are coming to the party and then 4 friends from school are coming, well I'll update you on that after I get back on vacation in which i leave for on MONDAY I'm super excited...well this week is hopefully going to be amazing..



<3 ali said...

Hello, my name is alison and i have been looking into studinging abroad for about 2 months now. I have gone back and forth between spain and italy, but i think i have decided on italy due to the fact that i have always wanted to go there. I was curious as to how long it took for you to fill out the application and finish that whole process? any tips and extra info on applying or convincing my parents all the way or even fundraising ideas are appreciated!


Julia said...

Hello! My name is Julia, and I'm interested in going to Italy for a year with AFS in '09/'10. I love your blog so much; it's humorous, insightful, and interesting! Anyway, I was wondering if you could write or tell me about how you communicate with your family and friends back in the states. I'm considering bringing a laptop and I'm not too keen on the idea of buying or bringing a cell with me. What do you think, what is your input, etc.? Also, how are you dealing with being away from your family for so long? Thanks so much; keep up the awesome work.

Love the blog!


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday & Happy Turkey Day!!! I'm glad your having such a great time there. The kids say hi & they love you. I look forward to your next blog when you get back!
Love you and miss you!!
Your big sis,

kendrasitalianlife said...

Hello Julia and Alison, If you would like to contact me and ask questions you are most certainly welcome to email me at kendrainitaly (at) (with the @ symble) and I will be able to awnser your questoins much easier that way. ok.. hope you have as good of years as im having.. ciao